What's this all about?

I'm a creator of digital solutions.

And I'm darn good at it.

Minus my own site, this is my playground.


If you're not convinced, here is a list of classy fellows with great taste in web designers..


What's the deal here?

I'm a man of many words, most of which are superflous so I'll keep it sweet.
If you need a website, digital application or something similar - I can do that at a reasonable rate.
My primary expertise is in Data Analytics but I'm also (clearly) pretty darned hot on website development, maintenance and improvement (SEO etc.).
I'm also fairly tech-agnostic, open to projects outside my usual domain.
If you've got an idea, hit me up.

If you're a nigerian prince looking to bestow great wealth upon me, a 'lonely single in my area' OR EVEN a potential client with a project proposal - fire me an email.


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